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JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

July 22th, 2012

We are just wrapping up our first JavaScript for Absolute Beginners (JSFAB) workshop.

It was a notable event for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It was the first JS-related coaching event in the spirit of RailsGirls Berlin since their inaugural meetup in in April.

  2. JSFAB is organised by the OpenTechSchool movement that founded itself after the success of RailsGirls. They help making many more events a success.

  3. The whole workshop is pulled together and carried out by a number of great volunteers. They plan the whole thing, they write all the training materials and they spend their weekend coaching students. For free.
    You are all awesome!

  4. We used GitHub to collaborate on the materials and it is no surprise that the GitHub model works really well for this kind of work. Pull Requests help getting the material and translations together and issues track things that come up during the coaching that can be imporved later on.

  5. All materials are open source and we would like to encourage you to setup a JSFAB event in your city or join us in Berlin. Feel free to clone, fork, remix and reuse any of our materials or websites. The OpenTechSchool GitHub Organisation is all yours!

A special shout out to Tiffany Conroy and Marjin Haverbeke for writing the bulk of the training materials. Check out Marijn’s book Eloquent JavaScript.

JSFAB 01 was a huge success and I am extremely proud we could pull this off. We taught somwhere between 35 and 45 students over the course of two days and the feedback is great.

With the materials and expertise of this first round in place, I hope we can turn this into a regular event.

Thanks everybody for helping out!