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Dear Merlin

August 20th, 2012

I’m a huge fan (you faved a tweet of mine once, it made my week). I have listened to all of Back to Work and it made a difference in my life (yes, I’ve bought the shirt). And YLNT.

Thank you, honest and heartfelt.

You made public that you opted out of a popular topic last night. Big whoop, somebody said a stupid thing, a politician no less.

You get to decide what shows up in your timeline, what gets to consume your attention and what gets to make you angry. Everybody does. You also get to pick what you publish.

With that pre-amble, I think I am asking you to reconsider publicly stating your opt-out of a discussion that affects half the population, that must affect your wife and before long will affect your daughter. (For the record, I do enjoy the parenting sidebars).

I’m not asking you to fight a fight you don’t want to fight, I’m just asking not to make it harder for the ones who do. And I apologise for getting so personal.

I might be missing the subtle joke, I often do, but that post of yours just doesn’t sit right with me and I can’t help myself and write these lines. I don’t assume malice, and I am certain you are aware of the bigger picture, so I won’t bore you with repeats. I’ll just ask:

Please unpublish, or amend.

The damage may be done, the frog boiled and the joke killed, yet, I need to ask you to take action. What you do, again, is entirely up to you. I just can’t help but ask.

Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work.

— Jan